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The Holidays Are Almost Here!
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It’s almost that time of year again. The second half of the regular season has begun and Christmas is coming up fast! If you need some ideas on gifts for the sports fans... Read More

Weekly Ranking
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Hey Patriots fan,How do you feel about where you’re ranked this week? Are you satisfied with where the team is ranked right now? If not, where do you think we should be ranked?... Read More

Great Recipe For a Home Tailgate!
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With the pandemic still ongoing, many people are unable to attend games in person. Thanks to hostthetoast.com we found a great chili cheese dog party dip to make at home that everyone will... Read More

Offense Needs a Boost
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With Cam Newton as starting quarterback the Patriots offense this season has been relatively weak, but that’s not his fault. The Pats have until the trade deadline to figure out a better setup... Read More

Precision Football
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That was a bad loss to watch… with only two practices in two weeks its no wonder we looked bad on offense! Offense that’s not “offensive” requires precision playmaking… and that’s just what... Read More

Tailgating this season..
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With preseason looking like it might be cancelled, what does that mean for the rest of the season? One thing is for sure… this season is going to be different than any other... Read More

New QB …means new HAT…..
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Have you seen the the latest patriots embroidered HAT....It s pretty ridiculous,..and perfect to keep the summer sun off your Sports deprived face......have a look see......… Read More